CrossFit Miami


CrossFit is a principal strength and conditioning program that was designed for universal scalability, making it the optimal workout for any committed individual regardless of experience and previous training. It’s popularity is undeniable based on results! This is why CrossFit has become one of the fastest growing fitness movements not only here in Miami, but worldwide. The program and lifestyle has taken Miamians by storm and have instilled in all our healthy hearts the fact that “Strong is the New Skinny”… But regardless of how great your workout routine may be, your diet plays a very important role in achieving overall health and the Paleo Diet combined with CrossFit is a match made in fitness heaven.
The Paleo Diet discourages eating dairy, grains, processed foods, and starches and encourages lots of protein, fruits, and vegetables. It’s called the “Caveman Diet” because it values the diet a caveman would’ve eaten when there was only natural plants and wild animals available. The Paleo nutrition complements CrossFit training so dramatically that it is taught during CrossFit Certification for trainers and is why the majority of die hard CrossFitters know how great the benefits of sticking to The Paleo Diet can be when it comes to your fitness.
I learned that CrossFit and Paleo are a lifestyle, not just a workout and a diet. Paleo Crave was started after I become involved with CrossFit and realized the amazing connection between CrossFit and Paleo, as well as the lack of CrossFit Paleo meal delivery that were available in Miami. I know how busy our life’s can be and how hard we all work every day… Unfortunately being busy can steer us from our health goals and food choices, so I wanted to make sure a convenient and delicious CrossFit meals delivery was at all your fingertips.