MON. 5/21

TUES. 5/22

WED. 5/23

THURS. 5/24

FRI. 5/25





Sweet potato pancakes, honey walnut syrup & crispy apple bacon NF

Chicken Marsala with sautéed mushrooms, spaghetti squash noodles NF

Grilled honey ham steak, turnip puree, grilled onions & house side salad NF

Apple sauce NF

Chocolate chip muffins, turkey sausage, fresh fruit cups NF

Roasted turkey breast, cranberry sauce, sweet potato puree & sautéed of kale NF

Salisbury steak with Paleo gravy & cauliflower rice NF

Grilled pears with agave NF

Spanish style omelet, grilled sausage & sautéed of spinach  NF

Spicy Cajun shrimp boil, puree of cumin carrots, sautéed of baby broccoli NF

Turkey burgers with mustard sauce, grilled onions & tomato salad NF

Berry bowl NF

Egg white scrambled, grilled ham & sautéed of peppers NF

Grilled beef tenderloin with red wine reduction, roasted asparagus spears, garlic cauliflower mash NF

Roasted chicken with orange reduction, roasted zucchini & squash NF

Coconut cookie NF

Turnip & carrot hash with turkey sausage NF

Pan seared fish of the day with lemon and capers, sweet plantains, warm kale and cranberry salad  NF

Ropa vieja, boniato latino mash & sautéed of garlic green beans NF

Chocolate & granola covered strawberries NF