MON. 1/15

TUES. 1/16

WED. 1/17

THURS. 1/18

FRI. 1/19





Egg Muffins with tomato and Basil NF

Angus beef with Cajun dirty cauliflower rice NF

Roast Chicken with root vegetables  NF

Dried Fruit Trail Mix NF

Healthy breakfast casserole NF

Fajita Especial: Skirt steak with bell peppers & onions, served with butter lettuce NF

Roasted chicken thighs with rainbow veggies  NF

House made kale chips with chili flakes and lime NF

Bacon wrapped egg cups with white mushrooms & green onion garnish NF

Zucchini Pesto Noodles with Salmon NF

Basil ginger pork loin with cauliflower florets & carrots served with Bibb Lettuce wraps  NF

Baked apple chips with dried cranberries and cherries NF

Cinnamon raisin muffin with fresh fruit salad NF

Turkey with mushrooms, green beans and crisp shallots  NF

Skillet steaks with green and yellow squash &  sweet potatoes  NF

Fresh made zucchini chips with bacon glaze NF

Cranberry orange scones, garnished with orange zest NF

Lean chicken salad with blistered cherry tomatoes and roasted carrots NF

Pork Medallions with balsamic mustard, roast butternut squash & mushroom medley  NF

Rosemary and sea salt sweet potato crisps NF